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Use the following links to access 2013-2014 Archives hosted as CampFires and Webinars! WARNING! These recordings are an hour long so . . . be very patient while it buffers for viewing! Takes a bit of time!
Note: Most archives expire 9 months after original event in order to free up limited recording space.

Special thanks to all the people who worked hours to prepare materials and presentation content for these events and much appreciation to all the members who made time to attend - add resources - and be part of an audience finding the efforts of these events worthy of precious time.

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Enjoy and Stay Tune for 2014-2015 Learning Events.

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Webinar Recorded Archives

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CampFires Chats Recorded Archives

May 13, 2013 Launching Digital StoryTelling in Classrooms ~ Planning, analysis, and critical thinking are needed throughout the process as students develop a story using the story arc, move from story to screenplay, writer to director, and finally producer of their digital storytelling product.

Presenter: Julie Jaeger [Click Here]
April 15, 2013 The Art and Soul of Digital Storytelling ~ Tapping Into Creativity, Narrative Intelligence and the Power of Story for Learning, Communicating, and Influencing the World.

Presenter: Bernajean Porter [Click Here]

Jan 15, 2014 Curriculum Connections: Growing StorySeeds and Story Prompts into Story ARCS with Ideas & Tools.

Presenter: Julie Jaeger [Click Here]
Jan 8, 2014 Exploring Transmedia and Other Emerging Forms of Storytelling.

Presenters: Jason Ohler and Bernajean Porter. Expires July 14, 2014. [Click Here]

Feb 10, 2014 Leading the EPIC Job of Storyboarding ~ Elevating Paper Writing into Exemplar Media Products with RIGOR and Craftsmanship.

Presenters: Julie Jaeger and Gwynn Moore. Expires June 2014. [Click Here]
Feb 8, 2014 From HollyWood to Bollywood Into Classrooms: Storyboards and Animatics.

Presenters: Erica Hoffman, Silvia Talisano, Tara Waubly and Julie Jaeger. Expires Feb, 2015
[Click Here]

March 10, 2014 Save Your Students from Cookie-Cutter, Look-Alike Media Products Using a Menu of Choices for Expanding Agency, Differentiation, and Self-Directed Learning Spaces.

Presenters: Bernajean Porter and Julie Jaeger. Expires March, 2015. [Click Here]
March 4, 2014 Hollywood Comes to the Classroom ~ Students as Film-Makers.

Presenter: Frank Guttler. [Click Here]

April 7, 2014 Let the World Hear Performing Voices in ANY Media Product: Secret Tips, Processes and Tools.

Presenters: Bernajean Porter, Julie Jaeger and Gwynn Moore. [Click Here]
No Campfires in April

May 12, 2014 The Art of Showing Not Telling ~ Processes and Tools for "illuminating" Images and Sound in StoryTelling.

Presenters: Julie Jaeger and Bernajean Porter [Click Here]
May 9, 2014 - Shaping Futures with StoryTelling PLUS I-imagine Taking My Place in the World Curriculum Project.

Presenter: Bernajean Porter. Expires May, 2015. [Click Here]