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• Your Turn . . . challenge yourself to develop a storyprompt that expects storytelling elements NOT just "tell ABOUT" topical multimedia summary reports with facts only - that is old fashion flat-lining glorified with digital bells and whistles - like traditional book reports. We want our kids to be meaning-makers beyond the facts FIRST then . . . media-makers. These storyprompts begin that possibility!

• Leave a TEXT post-it note idea for a storystarter or storyprompt sentence that would set-up a learning task for learners to create a media product using the classic storytelling structure to deliver curriculum understanding! Browse ideas to use or inspire other ideas . . . let's tap into the wisdom of the crowd! Media products take significant time thus should return a LOT of value as learning evidence.

Please do NOT upload media products and/or links to sites - these are TEXT Post-it Notes ONLY!

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Any ol' multimedia does NOT make storytelling. Brain science reveals GOOD storytelling using the classical structure [storyARC and emotionalARC] activates the amygdala - fires dopamine, cortisol and oxytocin in the brain delivering very "STICKI" learning and mental velcro to our content and messages we want heard and remembered. Facts by themselves do NOT have the same gripping power!

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