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DSN Creativity Leadership Award Winners

2016-17 Michael Hernandez

2015-16 Julie Jaeger

Curriculum Connections
Ver-r-ry Interesting
MovieStorm: An Introduction

Plan GREAT characters - a storyARC - an emotional ARC and LOTS of creative tension that delivers a POINT to the story!
The Three ACTS of a
Mathematical Story [Click Here]

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Non-Fiction StoryTelling still has a storyARC - develops an emotional ARC and delivers a POINT to the story!

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Kids Count Infographic Challenge

Do YOU know that exemplar infographics
have a story to tell organized around a
message or point to the story?

Story + Data + Design = Infographic

Plotagon: An Introduction

More and more of these "Do AS I SAY" programs are coming! They are a new generation of scripting [beyond xtranormal] AS IF you have a magic typewriter directing characters to act out your writing.

A Story: In a workshop emphasizing creating RIGOR worthy content FIRST before media-making", a teacher shouted out "So what you are saying is STUPID dialogue is still stupid when you animate it?" YAY . . . they got it!

Moral of the Story: It's never about using WOW tech tools - but about creating a compelling artistic experience with a POINT!
Thousand Words Project ~ a Visual Storytelling explained as a learning unit for transitions and editing techniques by Frank Guttler, producer by trade, educator by accident. [Click Here]
Ahem - Do you know the thousand words quote is REALLY a 1927 San Francisco Street Car company's marketing ploy? WHAT do you feel might be a truer meaning?

Nike's Secrets for Making a Viral Video - 54 Million Viewers in ONE Week!

Ahem! Secret #2 Tell a Compelling Story!
[Click Here]
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Find out WHY NIKI chose to use animation . . . what is your guess?